PrintSyst.ai grew from a deep understanding of the problems and questions 3D service bureaus face. When two brothers with roots in traditional printing began offering 3D printing as a service, they received a lot of jobs and even more questions. These questions led to answers that formed a bridge to understanding additive manufacturing and helped clients to make the most of the new technology. PrintSyst.ai is the golden child of this. Powered by an AI engine and machine    , PrintSyst.ai automates workflows and turns 3D service bureaus and manufacturing engineers into instant 3D printing experts. Perfector does the work and allows any operator to learn without making costly mistakes. 



Itamar Yona | Co-Founder & CEO

3D Printing Expert B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

Eitan Yona | Co-Founder & VP Product

3D Printing Expert B.Sc. in Computer Science

Dr. Amit Bermano | Chief Scientist

A.I. Algorithmic Expert Geometry, Fabrication & Graphics Senior Lecturer 

Golan Ben Ari | VP R&D

Software Developer Over 20 years experience

Dr. Alex Vexler | Data Scientist

Numerical Analysis Full stuck Web development

We are looking for great AI & 3D Printing experts to join our team